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Blood Warriors
Blood Warriors
Blood Warriors
Blood Warriors
Blood Warriors

Blood Warriors

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• Short-Sleeve Lightweight T-Shirt
• 65% Polyester / 35% Ring-Spun Cotton
• Fabric weight: 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)
• Pre-shrunk
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Double-stitched sleeves and bottom hem

This shirt is so soft that your game master will want one.

Blood Basics

Blood, it is in all of us and has a huge job to do to keep your body healthy and operational.

Blood is traveling on a superhighway system all over your body through arteries and veins. The main goal for blood is to carry stuff to the right cell tissues in the body.

Do your cells need oxygen? Great! Red blood cells will go pick some up from the lungs and drop it in just the right spot. The red blood cells are covered in hemoglobin which oxygen binds to as it passes through the lungs.

What about foreign invaders trying to get inside your body through a cut on your knee? White blood cells to the rescue. Your body’s tactical response system to conduct warfare on a microscopic level jumps into action to combat, kill, and remove any enemies. Go learn way too much about white blood cells.

Then we have platelets. These little guys travel in swarms to patch up any holes in the skin. They detect blood vessel damage and stop the blood loss.

And all of this is possible with the help of plasma. Your body’s substance that helps move water, salts, enzymes, and hormones to all parts of the body.

With their powers combined… you’re still alive.

If you would like to help keep someone else alive then I recommend donating some blood!

Learn about donating blood.

Launched on: June 8, 2020