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Completely Vaccinated
Completely Vaccinated
Completely Vaccinated
Completely Vaccinated
Completely Vaccinated

Completely Vaccinated

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• Short-Sleeve Lightweight T-Shirt
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• Fabric weight: 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)
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This shirt is so soft that you will begin doing your own research to establish your beliefs.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism and Contain Poisonous Chemicals?



Not good enough… Ok.

“A fool can throw a stone in a pond that 100 wise men cannot get out. ” - Saul Bellow

In this case, the fool is Andrew Wakefield, the stone is the theory he supported that “vaccines cause autism” and the pond is our society, media, and the internet. Hundreds of wise men have been working to get that stone out of the pond for decades.

But he wasn’t the first. This series of myths came on in the early 1980s with the publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III). In this publication, autism was defined as a developmental psychiatric/neurological disorder. Developmental, meaning early in life.

Soon to follow this new understand came searching for understanding outside of any science. “Why did this happen to my child and me?” was a common phrase shared among parents with autistic children. In the search for an external factor, the MMR vaccine quickly became a target of anger for a number of economic, political, and social reasons.

MMR had the making for a cause-effect myth that goes like this. “If my child gets the MMR vaccine between 12 - 18 months-old and signs of autism begin to develop, then the MMR vaccine caused my child to get autism.” This story made its way through society, the media, and eventually back into the scientific community.

Enter Andrew Wakefield. As a physician in London, he published an article in The Lancet, claiming to have found the explanation for autism in the measles virus. The scientific methods used in his research have been repeatedly proven to be inaccurate.

Shortly after Dan Burton, a US congressman who already held a non-scientific belief between the relationship between vaccines and autism. Burton held a hearing on the topic, attended and cheered by autism support organizations.

The press, in turn, found the perfect story. Children as victims, pharmaceutical companies as the villain, and scientists as conspirators.

The story of misinformation goes on and on. We’ve lived it, you may have even seen the 60 Minutes report on CBS.

In 2005, an investigative reporter told The Lancet’s editors that Wakefield’s study was flawed by severe research misconduct, conflict of interests, and falsehood. But the public understanding was already set and it would take years to change course.

Vaccine ingredients do not cause autism

So I came across this:


The reply checks out. 

  1. Formaldehyde - Humans produce 1.5 ounces of formaldehyde every day. Vaccines use .02 - 1.1 mg per dose. Ok, so Ounces to MG looks like this:

Humans Make 1.5 ounces of formaldehyde every day

Vaccines use 0.0000388014 ounces (1.1 milligrams) of formaldehyde


  1. Aluminum - it is part of our body composition through food and water. It can be found on food preservatives like frozen pizza, baking powder, cheese, etc. An FDA study showed that side effects due to exposure to aluminum in vaccines are very low for the past 6 decades.


  1. Phenoxyethanol - Present in makeup and antiseptic. It is used for the polio vaccine with a concentration of 0.5%.


Immunization Schedule for the first 18 years of life:

I recommend you go check out the immunization schedule published by the CSC that is updated when any new research is released.

Here is a complete list of all vaccines available in America by the CDC

It is fascinating to me that millions of man-hours poured into the advancement of keeping humans alive can be misguided by a few bad actors with good press coverage.