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• Short-Sleeve Lightweight T-Shirt
• 65% Polyester / 35% Ring-Spun Cotton
• Fabric weight: 4.5 oz (153 g/m2)
• Pre-shrunk
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Double-stitched sleeves and bottom hem

This shirt is so soft that you will have dreams of the magic kingdom fireworks.

Whether it’s the New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July, nothing beats ending these celebrations more than fireworks. They have been associated with celebrations for generations, and they are always a sight to behold. But how exactly do they work? 

Fireworks are low explosive pyrotechnics that are used for entertainment purposes. They generally consist of two classifications: ground and air fireworks. The most visually stunning fireworks are the latter ones.

An aerial firework is composed of a shell that contains four parts:



Bursting Charge


The shell is launched from a mortar, which is a pipe where a lifting charge is ignited. When ignited with fire it propels the shell to the air and also ignites its fuse. The fuse is timed so that when the shell reaches the desired altitude, it burns the bursting charge. 

Then, the shell bursts creating an awesome display in the air. The sparks that you see after the shell explodes are caused by the stars on the shell. When the shell explodes, the stars are scattered in all directions, therefore creating that iconic fireworks display. 

The different patterns that you see in a fireworks display depend on the arrangement of the stars when the shell is manufactured. Intricate designs are engineered to create amazing effects. 

Manufacturers mix different chemicals to produce vibrant colors. Some of the colors that you see are caused by the following mix:

Red: Strontium and/or lithium salts

Orange: Calcium salts

Yellow: White Sodium salts

Green: Barium Chloride

Blue: Copper Chloride

White: Aluminum or Magnesium

Geek on and learn more about how fireworks...err… work and how fireworks are manufactured. Believe us, these are interesting factoids you can whip out during any kind of small talk. 

Launched on: April 27, 2020